Wednesday 6 November 2013

Road - Swap over

The Skoda Octavia DSG press appraisal car has new been returned to Skoda, with some reluctance. I liked it. Not just because it was reasonably priced, but you get a lot of car for the money. Full appraisal is on the website now.

In its place has been delivered perhaps the ideal rally chase car, a 4WD 2 litre Ford Kuga. It has enough room in the back for four wheels, trolley jack and fuel cans and with its all wheel drive capability can be hidden up firebreaks away from the prying eyes of Judges of Fact, perish the thought!  

Towing limit for the 2WD car is 1800 kgs, but the 4WD version is allowed up to 2100 kgs.

A full personal appraisal of the Kuga ill follow shortly.

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