Saturday 2 November 2013

Rally - Baillie leads

If the weather was bad before, it's terrible now. Cold driving rain is sweeping across the Crail tarmac on today's Kingdom Stages Rally, and the real stars of the show out there today are the Marshals. The poor sods are standing there like great piles of drookit laundry.

As far as the rally goes, there has been a change of leader. After 4 stages, Stuart Baillie in the Impreza leads the Mitsubishi of Alistair Inglis by 3 seconds. Inglis had a problem though: "The electrics cut out mid way round that last stage and we had to stop. The main external cut-out switch was faulty. We had to get out the car and switch it back on."

Bruce Edwards has dropped out of the top ten but is still going. It would appear he did an extra lap on SS3! Tom Morris is out altogether after a fault developed in the Metro's paddle shift. Nothing major, a tiny wee grub screw in the paddles had come loose - he's Loctited it now! 

And as for Scott and Adam Russell, they're out too. They got the gearbox changed and did SS2 but were technically out of time so were not allowed into SS3. Such a shame.

Leaderboard after 4 (of 6) stages:
1, S Baillie, 49m 56s
2, A Inglis, 49m 59s
3, J Paterson, 50m 54s
4, B Grant, 51m 08s
5, R Marshall, 51m 29s
6, L Hastings, 52m 15s
7, G Gaffney, 52m 36s
8, N Thompson, 53m 05s
9, S Will, 53m 10s
10, J Stewart, 53m 17s

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