Friday 15 November 2013

Rally - Night face

Despite what you might have heard, the Germans do have a sense of humour.  For instance, prior to last night’s three stages in the Welsh murk, the service crews did not fit the spotlamps to the Polo R machines, or bolt on a light pod. Instead, they applied the ‘night face’.

But then, what would you expect with a driver line-up comprising Finns, Norwegians and French?

Each ‘night face’ comprises four additional lamp units with 70 Watt Xenon bulbs which have the power to illuminate half a football field. They don’t have the long-range reach you might expect (that’s what Pace Notes are for!) but the short range spread and degree of luminescence turns darkness into daylight. The whole thing weights just 4.5 kgs.

And that’s in addition to the LED and Xeon headlamps which are twice as powerful as the standard road car.

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