Saturday 16 November 2013

Rally - Nationals, Day 2

The times are still not through for the final stage of the day at Chirk Castle which was supposed to be the last of Day 2’s four stages for the National Rally runners, so the leaderboard below reflects that situation.

Euan Thorburn still leads, but Melvyn Evans has slipped ahead of Barry Groundwater into second place and John Morrison has dropped to seventh. Even so, Barry is still only 11 seconds behind Evans and Morrison is only 4 seconds adrift of Wugg Utting so there’s still all to play for on to-morrow’s final six stages.

Leaderboard after 6 (of 12) stages:
1, Euan Thorburn, Ford Focus WRC, 1h 20m 44.5s
2, Melvyn Evans, Subaru Impreza, 1h 24m 48.4s
3, Barry Groundwater, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9, 1h 24m 59.4s
4, Paul Davy, Subaru Impreza, 1h 26m 01.8s
5, Paul Benn, Ford Focus WRC, 1h 26m 32.3s
6, Wugg Utting, Subaru Impreza, 1h 27m 08.2s
7, John Morrison, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9, 1h 27m 12.1s

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