Friday 15 November 2013

Rally - End of Leg 2

At the end of Day 2 of this year’s Rally Wales GB, Sebastien Ogier continued to pile on the pressure, commenting: “A good day so far, Jari is certainly pushing hard. I am on the limit, but always considering the conditions.”

In second place, Latvala looked a wee bit disconsolate coming out of Myherin: “I'm bitterly disappointed. I had a huge moment in there and I think I have lost at least 5 seconds if not more. It's incredibly slippery in there.”

Leaderboard after  9 (of 22) stages:
1, S. Ogier, 1h 34m 48.0s
2, J. Latvala, 1h 35m 08.1s
3, T. Neuville, 1h 35m 50.6s
4, M. Østberg, 1h 36m 18.8s
5, E. Novikov, 1h 36m 22.5s
6, A. Mikkelsen, 1h 36m 23.6s
7, M. Prokop, 1h 39ms 44.2s
8, E. Evans, (WRC2), 1h 41m 18.2s
9, D. Sordo, 1h 41m 42.6s
10, M. Higgins, (WRC2), 1h 41m 44.6s

15, 43, T. Cave, (WRC2), 1h 46m 03.4s
22, 111, M. Taylor, 1h 52m 49.5s
26, 112, T. Jardine, 1h 57m 31.3s
30, 118, J. Ford, 2h 01m 48.1s
32, 117, C. Ingram, 2h 02m 49.1s
35, 127, D. McKenna, 2h 09m 25.6s
36, 126, B. McKay, 2h 10m 01.1s
40, 124, A. Simpson, 2h 19m 40.3s

At the end of 9 stages, Tony Jardine had a word: “Superb day! Amy got everything just right. I must stop cutting when she tells me not to! I'm just being a wally by not listening.”

The Internationals are back in the woods tomorrow with the first test of the day at Gartheiniog getting underway around 8.30 am.

There was no change to the National front runner line-up, even after the later times came in, so that still shows Euan Thorburn well in control ahead of Barry Groundwater and they’re due back in the forests tomorrow just after 12 noon for 3 more stages.

Leaderboard after 3 (of 12) stages:
1, Euan Thorburn, Ford Focus WRC, 43m 33.0s
2, Barry Groundwater, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9, 46m 15.0s
3, Melvyn Evans, Subaru Impreza, 46m 16.6s
4, Paul Davy, Subaru Impreza, 46m 36.8s
5, Paul Benn, Ford Focus WRC, 46m 52.0s
5, John Morrison, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo9, 47m 16.3s

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