Thursday 7 November 2013

Rally - SRC on TV

You’ve seen the prequel, now for the sequel. More trees, more grush and more nerve tingling action than all the Diehards put together (well, nearly!) SRC Craib II is coming to a screen near you soon.

The second half of this year’s 2013 ARR Craib MSA Scottish Rally Championship series will be shown on BBC2 Scotland on Sunday, 17th November from 17.30 – 18.20 hrs.

Filmed and produced by Demus Productions the programme will be presented by the ‘more smiles per mile’ Rhona and her big pal, whatsisname.

No news as yet as to when Landward will be showing their Tunnocks Mull Rally clip. So, as Brucie and Tess would say “Ke-e-e-p watching.”

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