Monday 25 November 2013

Rally - Mull on TV

Now don’t get too excited, but next Friday evening, 29 November at 7.00 pm, the Tunnocks Mull Rally will feature on the BBC Landward programme. It’s not a rally report, so don’t let your hopes and expectations run away with you, it will only be a small part of BBC’s countryside magazine programme.

The Landward team were on the island covering a number of topics including a wildlife project at Glengorm, a floating pier used for timber extraction contracts and a couple of interviews with farmer Iain MacKay and wood carver Matthew Reade.

The programme will also feature a couple of wee reports on the event as the production team realised that the rally is now an integral part of island life. However, a word of caution, there are a couple of interviews with a ‘local worthy’ where it would be advisable to send the kids to their room and put your pets outside for a wee while. Anyway, it will provide the chance to see ourselves as others see us.

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