Friday 10 August 2012

Road - Twizy gets Busy

Scotland’s top motoring journalists will be gathering at a secret location tomorrow to drive one of Renault’s latest automotive innovations, the Renault Twizy.

This electrically powered two-seater is now on sale from £6,690, but the battery hire is extra, at around £45 per month. Also classed as an extra – are doors!

Unless you live in sunny Monaco or Nice this is never going to be an everyday family car, but for those on the daily commute it provides more protection than a motor bike or pedal cycle and a full charge costing around £1 will be good for 60 miles. And who knows, it might even work out cheaper than some season tickets for rail travel?

It’s only 2.34 metres long and 1.24 metres wide with the passenger being carried directly behind the driver sitting in tandem.

Apparently, it’s quite nippy and a hoot to drive so we’ll find out tomorrow.

For the drive to the secret location Renault have supplied a Megane Sport Tourer and for the drive home again, I’ll have a Dacia Duster, the company’s new ‘budget’ brand. I’m really looking forward to the Dacia as it seems to provide a lot of car for the money.

First impressions will be put up over the weekend, but there are two rallies to attend on Sunday, one on either side of the Border!

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