Wednesday 29 August 2012

Rally - More Merrick info.

The organisers of this Saturday’s Ian Broll Merrick Stages Rally have produced leaflets containing a Spectator Map and Entry List for spectators. Supplies of these are being given out to local businesses in Wigtown and Newtown Stewart to give to spectators.  So if you’re coming down for the day, get there early and check out the shops.

I don’t know how successful this will be but I have put a copy of the ‘Spectator Map’ here in the Blog in the hope that it might help. I have also reproduced the organisers’ directions.

SS1/4: Stewartry Tyres Craignell (1st car 09.10 Hrs and later at 13.06 Hrs)
a & b Access to stage mid-points are off the unclassified road immediately west of Clatteringshaws Loch. Please drive carefully on this narrow road. Parking is limited and please ensure all 4 wheels are off the road.
c Access to stage 0.19 from A 712. Please park with all 4 wheels off the road. Good spectating around Black Loch 0.77 miles from stage finish/ start.

SS2: GWF Energy Glentrool (10.53 Hrs)
d Access to start of stage with limited off-road parking in large lay-by opposite forest entrance. If parking at the side of the road please ensure all 4 wheels are off the road. DO NOT park in passing places.
e & f Access to stage mid-points off unclassified road north of Glentrool village with limited off-road parking.
g Access to mid points in stage off unclassified road north of Glentrool village with limited off-road parking.
h Stage mid-point approx. 1 mile from spectator point e
I Access to midpoint of stage 2 off A 714 north-west of Bargrennan village.

SS3: Motorwise Drigmorn (12.41 Hrs)
j Access to end of stage from A712 Please park with all 4 wheels of the public road

And a final point, remember, the 2WD cars and crews are running first on the road followed by the heavy mob.


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