Thursday 2 August 2012

Road - Personalised numbers

I suppose it’s only to be expected. One rule for the peasants, another for the ruling classes. Whereas the great British public are being constricted and constrained in how they use certain words with regard to the ‘great event’ in Londonshire, the rules appear to be different for the Government and its agencies.

Hence the DVLA is getting in on the act. It has over 12,000 Olympic themed registrations available to buy now - with prices starting from £399 all inclusive!

And if anyone is tempted to buy such a plate they have to be reminded that It is illegal to misrepresent a vehicle registration on a number plate, i.e. don’t close up the letters and numbers, be careful where you place the mounting screws, and don’t try and change any shapes of letters and numerals.

Otherwise you’ll be paying twice – when the Fine notice pops through the door.

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