Sunday 26 August 2012

Race - Knockhill highlights

Flash in the Honda Civic
There was a tremendous turnout for this year’s 20th anniversary of the British Touring Car Championship coming to Knockhill, the circuit was buzzing and packed. And for once the fans did not get drookit.

There was a smirr of rain ahead of the third Touring Car race, and a shower while the Ginettas had their final fling, and then as the chequered flag fell on a good’s day racing, the gathering clouds had a celebratory dump, and then it cleared again.

Another highlight!
Amongst the crowds were a few refugees from the world of rallying. Barry Clark turned up with a bus load from the north east and was spotted on the business end of a glass of lager, and Stevie Brown was there too. Tarmac rallyist Ross Fernie was having a good look at circuit racing, but that was all, he’s sticking to rallying.

And Quintin Milne was here too, but he had a better excuse than most. He was meeting up with an English girlfriend, a girl he met while he was on holiday in Spain and she was there on a separate holiday with friends. It turned out she works for the PR company which promotes the BTCC series so she was on duty at Knockhill. Small world, eh?

Anyway, she thought Quintin was a sober, well behaved and considerate young man, but I put her right.

Much as I enjoyed Knockhill, it will be good to get back to proper motor sport next week on the Merrick, but there was one moment which I thoroughly, and guiltily, enjoyed. When Jason Plato was punted off into the barrier during the first race, the crowd erupted in a spontaneous round of applause and cheering.

So much for Scottish-Anglo relations.

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