Wednesday 8 August 2012

Road - Candid Cameraudi

There’s just no getting away from new technology these days. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, up comes another use for a gadget which most folk regard as a toy.

Audi garages across the UK are all set to introduce a new service, ‘Audi Cam’, which Audi Centre technicians will use to advise customers of work needing done to their car. The technicians will highlight and record any work which needs to be done on a customer’s car and send the clips to a home or business computer or to one of these new-fangled smartphones before any work is commenced.

The customer can then authorise the work remotely,  or get in touch with the garage to discuss options.

And like anything else on the internet these days, security is uppermost. The audio/video files can only be seen by each customer on their own individual web page, so there’s no chance of the guy you hope to sell the car to seeing it!

And if it’s a company car, the boss will know you’re not telling porkies although he might wonder why the tyre wear rate is high.

Whatever next? Garage staff getting together to produce their own customer-friendly film clips of strictly come dancing quick fitters?

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