Thursday 29 November 2012

Road - New Forester

Subaru may have built its reputation with rally cars, but even though it has stopped competing at the top level, the pedigree continues.

The company has just revealed details of its fourth generation Forester, and while it’s no trouser wetting performance car, they will be producing a version with 276 bhp. That should be enough to get them damp at least!

However, they ‘entry-level version will have a more modest 148 bhp, although both cars will still have all wheel drive transmissions. These will come in standard six speed manual mode or with Subaru’s Lineartronic (CVT) transmission.

I’m no fan of CVT ‘boxes so we’ll all have to wait till early next year before we find out how good they are in a car with definite performance possibilities, although Subaru has promised that: “The Lineartronic transmission has been modified to manage the increased power while also providing improved fuel efficiency.” Fingers crossed, eh?

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