Wednesday 7 November 2012

Rally - Mastermind Quiz

Just for a bit of fun I put a few questions up on the Blog on Monday about the new Scottish Rally Champion and said I would put the answers up yesterday. I didn’t. That’s because the Broadband connection was down all day and when it came back on line there was much to do.

Anyway, at the Bogie Party in Dumfries on Saturday night, David and Kevin were subjected to a Bogie Mastermind quiz, and I included some of the questions which Maw and Paw Bogie had prepared, so here’s the answers.

How many Championships has David won?
This one was dead easy as the picture with David and the Lancer shows!

In how many different cars has he won outright?

Name them?
Subaru Impreza (2 wins)
Toyota Corolla WRC (3)
MG Metro 6R4 (3)
Ford Focus WRC (1)
Mitsubishi Lancer EVO9 (19 – plus one tie-break!)

How many events has he won outright in his career?

How many 360 degree rolls has he inflicted on the red Evo?
3, but he argued that one wasn’t a full roll because the car landed on its roof!


  1. Out of interest what events did David win in a Subaru?

  2. If I tell you do I win a prize? He won the Grizedale Stages and Galloway Hills back to back on the same weekend in 2007 driving an S9 Impreza.

    1. Thanks - just never remembered him using an Impreza...