Tuesday 20 November 2012

Road - Reduced Blood-letting

Here’s a handy gadget that should cut down on the
use of Germolene and sticking plasters across the garages and sheds of our nation. A finger ratchet.

Modern cars and vans, and especially rally cars, often have nuts, bolts and screws tucked away in hard to get at places. A device has long been needed to protect the tender digits of DIY men, especially those who refuse to read the Manuals!

No doubt women would have thought of this long ago had they been encouraged at school to take up car maintenance instead of shoe-worshipping, whereas men have muttered, cursed and kicked at inanimate objects when the spanner has skited off the nut lacerating exposed knuckles against alternator blades, exhaust guards and red hot turbos.

Anyway, these finger ratchets from Laser Tools come with quick-release adaptors for quarter and three eighths drives, plus a quarter inch drive bit adaptor.

Priced at £26.42, some stores have them cheaper, but with a wee tube of Germolene costing nearly three quid, and a box of sticking plasters at a fiver, it doesn’t sound quite so dear, does it?

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