Friday 23 November 2012

Rally - Roger Albert Clark

The 9th Roger Albert Clark Rally got underway at Pickering earlier this morning with 80 competing crews facing a full day in Yorkshire today before heading north and west into Kielder and overnighting in Carlise on Saturday night.

Sunday sees them in Scotland, so if you fancy a grand day out in the woods, how about the sight and sound of 2 stroke Saabs, the full throated bellow of a Healey 3000 and the piercing wail of a Stratos V6, plus assorted soul stirring Twin Cams, BDAs and flat sixes?

Sunday’s timetable is: 
07:46, Restart, H&H Borderway Mart and Exhibition Centre, Carlisle
08:34, SS 16, Glen Dhu
08:56, SS 17, Newcastleton  
09:26, SS 18, Florida 1 
09:54, SS 19, Riccarton  
10:40, Re-group & Service, Hawick
11:28, SS 20, Craik  1
12:05, Service, Hawick
12:38, SS 21, Craik  2
14:43, SS 22, Wauchope
15:23, SS 23, Florida 2
15:46, SS 24, Kershope
17:00 Ceremonial Finish, Brampton Town Centre
19:00, Prize Giving , H&H Borderway Mart and Exhibition Centre

Most Car Parks charge 10 quid per car but a few will cost £20 but that’s because they are run twice during the day, so pay attention.

Detailed spectator maps are available to view at:

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