Monday 5 November 2012

Rally - David Bogie

Well, that was some ‘do’. By goad it wis a guid nicht. To celebrate a remarkable and record breaking four National Scottish Rally Championship titles in a row, Mr and Mrs B had a party to celebrate David Bogie and Kevin Rae’s achievement last Saturday night in the metropolis of Dumfries. 

A big shed at the factory had been cleared, tables and chairs installed, a bar set up and a dance band connected up to the stage.

Next door in the ‘quiet room’ there was a full size hog roast and a ‘hauf coo’ beef roast. Over 300 guests were invited to help themselves to pre-cut rolls and filled them with meat. And for afters, there was a proper ice cream cart with a variety of flavours. Portions? Nothing genteel about this, measurements were made in ‘haundfaes’.

Now that's a buffet!
Always reluctant to make speeches, David and Kevin did subject themselves to an on-stage chat / interrogation with some motor sporting journalist chap. 

Unbeknownst to David and Kevin, David’s Mum and Dad had also made up a quiz – about their achievements. Kevin was pretty well clued up and got most of them, or as near as damn it, but the boy David? Clueless might be a bit unkind, but merited!

Some of the questions were quite hard, but he even struggled with the easy ones. So here’s a few from Saturday night and I’ll put up the answers tomorrow - so you don’t draw blood or get a skelf when scratching your heads.

The ice cream cart was popular
Here’s an easy starter:
How many Championships has David won?

He even struggled a bit with these two:
In how many different cars has he won outright?
Name them?

He didn’t even know this one:
How many events has he won outright in his career?

He even had to the temerity to argue with this one:
How many 360 degree rolls has he inflicted on the red Evo?

But then again, that’s the measure of the man. He’s not in this sport to carve notches on a gearstick, or to make records, he’s in it cos he loves it.

As for next year, he’s not saying – yet.

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