Sunday 11 November 2012

Blethers - Tax relief?

It looks like the FairFuel UK campaign is making headway. Apparently a number of MPs are keen to at least postpone January’s planned 3p per litre rise till April, and if others have their way, do away with it altogether or at the very least reduce it. Power to the people, eh?

At the same time, British Car Auctions have revealed the outcome of a recent survey regarding car use. There are no real surprises, but the figures are interesting.

Naturally, many of the respondents are looking at changing their car for smaller more efficient models but according to their figures, 17% of motorists are driving more slowly to conserve fuel and avoiding heavy breaking.

Furthermore, 29% of motorists are now walking more often, while 21% of car owners are cutting the number of car journeys.

9 out of 10 motorists intend to replace their car with a different type of vehicle next time. Top of the shopping list is a car with better fuel consumption followed by lower road tax, a smaller car, best purchase price and lower CO2.

So next time you are held up in a lengthening queue of traffic on an open country road, it won’t necessarily be some old dodderer going to his or her next Specsavers appointment, it might well be someone hellbent on making their own single handed effort to conervse the world's natural reserves and saving the planet.


  1. Oihhh! I was in Specsavers last week....... And my Morris Minor does a good 40 mph - that's plenty fast enough these days.

    1. I'll be right on your bumper in my Austin A40!