Monday 26 November 2012

Rally - Stocious in Perth

Photo: Martin Luke
There was much consumption of aged distilled water and fermented barley broth in Perth on Saturday night. It was the annual Scottish Tarmack Rally Championship Awards night as over 80 souls celebrated the successful conclusion of the 11 round national series.

Ross Fernie and John Young were declared Scottish Champions, but it was close. A mere three points separated Ross from Jim Sharp after the final round.

The food was plentiful, the raffle was huge, the disco bearable (now there’s a change!) and the crack was grand. There was even a wee bit of floor-shoogling at times as the DJ resurrected some foot-tappers from times gone by.

And then when the room fell silent after the witching hour, it was time for bed and a stroll through the christmas fairy-lit twinkling streets back to a warm room in a nearby coaching inn.

Fortified with the afterglow of a ‘guid nicht oot’ comprising a bowl of broth, a large portion of game pie (or was it roadkill pie?) and sticky toffee pudding topped off with the numbing effects of assorted bevvies and tipples, guests returned to their various hotels and hostelries around the fair city which provided a cosy and welcoming warmth against the damp and chill night air.

Oddly enough the way home was illuminated by a large bright star in the sky guiding the weary, and somewhat wayward steps, of the travellers. Then to bed, and the healing effects of slumber aided by the gentle lullaby of sheep bleating and asses snorting in the stable below - or was that simply the after-effects of a drink-dulled and addled brain, and an over active imagination?

And by the way, the two lady Polis I encountered on my stroll back to my digs were perfect ‘gentlemen’ – if you see what I mean.

Photo shows, left to right:

Matt Reid (3rd Co-driver o/a), Kathryn Forgan (Runner-up Co-driver), John Young (Champion Co-driver), Ross Fernie (Scottish Champion Driver) and Matthew Kesson (3rd Driver o/a) – Jim Sharp wisnae there!

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