Friday 16 November 2012

Road - Honda's school runner?

This is Honda’s answer to the Renault Twizy, but it’s got doors! It’s also got three seats, or at least it has a 1 + 2 configuration. That’s because it has an adult sized seat in the front and two child seats in the rear, although this double seat can be changed for another adult seat.

Although still in the development phase, Honda’s 'Micro Commuter Prototype', will begin demonstration testing in Japan in 2013. Honda reckons it will be ideal as a short-distance runabout for families with small children and for senior citizens, commuting and even home delivery services – pizza anyone?

Other features include a dock for a personal tablet device which will display the range meter, navigation, audio and back-up camera display, and the ability to charge the battery of the tablet using solar cells mounted on the vehicle roof. Longer term Honda has plans to use solar cells to provide solar energy to assist the driving.

There are no details as yet on speed and range, but given Honda’s reputation it should certainly rival the Twizy even if it doesn’t quite have the youthful, funky looks of the ‘voiture electrique’. In fact, it might be advisable to park it away from British shops otherwise you might just find some weans climbing aboard and shouting at their Maws to put a coin in the slot!

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