Tuesday 24 October 2017

Rally - Concerns raised

The FIA will be in town this weekend. On Wales Rally GB. I can see it now. Posters throughout the stages proclaiming 'Justice for Jock' and 'Justice for Max' - no doubt the F1 fans will be wondering who the hell 'Jock' is. Even the FIA bods may raise a quizzical eyebrow or two.

There's another reason for concern. The FIA folks might just get the wrong idea on another matter. You may not know what the circuit racers are getting up to, but there's a Press Release out this week announcing changes to next year's British Touring Car Championship.

Apparently the organisers are planning to introduce new portable trackside marshalling LED light panels which will be transported to each round of the 2018 Championship. Six of these panels have been commissioned and will be used at circuits "where TOCA considers the drivers and marshals would directly benefit from their use".

The mind doth boggle. If the FIA get wind of this, and the H&S lot as well, who knows what ideas that'll give them for us rallying folk.

Officialdom might just determine that if it can be done at racing circuits, then why not in the forests?

I can see it now. Marshals tabards festooned with LEDs, flashing 3-2-1 boards at Flying Finishes, traffic lights at spectator crossing points and 'informative' overhead signs warning drivers to be sure they 'belt up' and 'slippery conditions slow down '. Not to mention the old favourites 'drive with care', 'heavy rain flooding forecast' and 'safe tyres save lives'.

Electricity? No problem. The hamsters are safe, just plug into a pylon!

Happy days, eh?

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