Thursday 10 October 2019

Rally - Tales from Tob

Tobermory was doubly busy today. A tour boat had arrived in the bay with around 1800 visitors from faraway places keen to explore and sample the delights of Scotland’s Caribbean of the North. There were puzzled faces and quizzical looks as these wet and bedraggled, bewildered souls mingled with the rallyists in what they were no doubt told was a quiet wee place on a quaint wee island off the west coast of Scotland. Adding to the growing throng were rally spectators hellbent on supporting the 50th anniversary of the Mull Rally. While standing talking to one driver, he got a call from his service crew waiting for the boat at Lochaline. Apparently the queue stretched out the Terminal area round the corner and up the hill. He had been stuck there for 4 hours before he got a boat!

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