Thursday 4 October 2018

Rally - The Sackmaker .

While chatting with Alan Dickson and Martin Forrest who was attempting to put his helmet on back to front, the question was asked of Martin: “Do you really know what you’re doing?” To which a voice from the background quipped: “Aye, he knows what he’s doing, just not where he is!” But then the service crew would appear to be a perfect match – they couldn’t find the Land Rover tow vehicle keys. The last time this happened they shut the doors on the Land Rove before someone asked - does this thing have central locking? Yes, you’ve guessed, they locked the keys in the car. Resourceful as ever, they unbolted a door from its external hinges and took it off to gain access and recover the keys. It’s a Land Rover thing, eh? This time the doors were open but they didn’t know where the keys were. I left them to it. Anyway, Alan is here because he’s had a good season and had some budget left from the Wayne Sissons run Lancer and he thought the National event on Dayinsure Wales Rally GB sounded like a good deal.

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