Sunday 14 October 2018

Rally - The Nutters Brigade

A little sequence entitled - Going, going, oops, gone, but back again. And with a cheery wave from Fraser and a plea of help from Peter it was a case of 'Hi Ho Silver, the Lone Ranger and Tonto ride again.'

If you didn't know, Fraser Hughes and Peter MacInnes won the 'Spirit of the Rally' award. They left home in Tain (the very far north!) at 3 am on Saturday morning to get the first ferry, do the Targa and then leave immediately for the late boat and drive home. And the Mazda doesn''t have a roof. And in case you didn't know this either. It rained a lot yesterday. In fact, it rained all day without pausing to draw breath.

Apparently they don't get out much so make the most of it when they do manage to escape. As if having no roof would stop them!

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