Thursday 4 October 2018

Rally - Last minute

Niall Cowan Jnr and Thomas Bruce won a free entry to the National event when they won their class on the ARR Craib Scottish Rally Championship which concluded last month. “Going into the final round, I thought the class was out of reach,” said Niall, “young Ally Currie had it won but he broke down and I got it. Winning that prize was too good to miss, so here I am.” The car has a new plated diff and new suspension. “There was nothing wrong with the old suspension,” said Niall, “but the rods inside the shock absorbers kept bending so they had to be rebuilt every few rallies. These new ones have thicker rods and are gas-filled as opposed to oil, and they’re supposed to be unbreakable.” Obviously the guy that built them doesn’t know young Cowan, eh? Anyway, he tried the car with its new diff at Jock’s quarry: “It’s made quite a difference,” said Niall, “but we still had the old suspension at the time. I just ran it up the road a couple of times with the new suspension and it feels fine, so we‘ll know for sure this weekend.”

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