Thursday, 1 May 2014

Road - New Vivaro

Vauxhall unveiled its new Vivaro medium sized panel van at the CV Show. Built by Renault, it too will have the same range of 1.6 twin turbo diesels and they have no doubts about the smaller capacity engine's ability to carry weight and pull trailers.

And it's not just swanky car shows that have unveilings with a good press and media turnout gathered around to see the sheet being swept aside by Tim Tozer, Chairman and MD of Vauxhall Motors.

There's another point worth bearing in mind here too. Vauxhall is the last manufacturer building vans in the UK at their Luton facility. The staff and management have worked hard over the past two and a half years to ensure the future of this plant and they will continue to build standard Vivaro, Trafic and Nissan Primastars for the UK and European markets while the French send over the engines.

Another wee fact. Over 40% of the content in the manufacture of Vivaro is sourced in the UK.

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