Saturday, 31 May 2014

Rally - Revised top ten

Top Ten Nationals at the Start of Leg 2:
1, S Simpson, 22m 08.5
2, D Cole, 22m 21.7
3, P Taylor, 22m 50.1
4, N Simpson, 22m 51.9
5, J Stone, 22m 57.8
6, S Mauger, 23m 01.2
7, S Bowen, 23m 03.3
8, A Inglis, 23m 04.5
9, B Groundwater, 23m 04.6
10, D Atkinson, 23m 09.0

Apologies to Simon Mauger, I had Barry groundwater 6th at the finish last night but after a quick recount (and a couple of slight stage delays) more time cards appeared. Barry's still in the top ten but Alistair Inglis is going well.

Steve Bannister is still going after some bodywork and front suspension work overnight. He went off in Abbey last night after nudging a bale with the front n/s corner. What he didn't realise was that the impact had bent a steering arm and the bottom compression strut. And he only found out at the next tight right when it gave way as he turned and ploughed straight on.

Spectators helped to dismantle the front corner, he levered the strut straight-ish, re-fitted it and drove out the stage. Obviously with huge time loss though.

He's driving Matthew Robinson's car but when asked how he felt, Matthew said: "I couldn't give a monkey's, I feel for Steve and Louise. This is the car's first time on tar, and if Steve can do that to it - imagine what I would have done!" Nice one Matthew.

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