Thursday 1 May 2014

Road - New from Renault

The biggest news at this week’s Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, as far as van users and drivers are concerned, was engine downsizing. For an industry that prefers power and torque to revs and speed, the news that Renault’s new Trafic van would have 1.6 litre engines instead of the previous 2 litre jobs was greeted with some surprise, and not a little scepticism.

Renault countered that with reference to their F1 technology and assured the assembled press, at the pre-event press conference, and visitors to the show that the new engines will deliver more horsepower, more torque and reduced fuel consumption.

The other big difference is that the new Trafic has lost its distinctive cabin roof bulge. Inside the cabin there are big changes too with more room for the crew and more storage for the clutter that van drivers inevitably generate.

The CV Show is also the reason that the Granite City Rally report has not been published in the on-line rally mag as yet. The day job comes first!

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