Saturday, 31 May 2014

Rally - Broken clevis

Sounding more like a something you'd take to A&E, this is similar to the part which broke on Euan Thorburn's Focus last night. The clevis pin is what secures the hub to the track rod end (Haynes Manuals please excuse the lack of technical jargon) and this is what snapped. According to one mechanic, sorry, team technician, you have to drill the old bolt out, screw in a new one and use four new mounting bolts to re-attach it. Apparently, it's a doddle. The other option is to fit a new one, but with the cost somewhere in the region of four figures, 'yer no gaunae waant tae dae that'. This is not Euan's actual broken one, this just happens to belong to another team which has a couple of spares!

Now did anyone out there actually know that? Or is this Facebook service now becoming educational as well as informative? Do you think I'd qualify for a training grant from the Government?

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