Thursday, 8 May 2014

Road - Amarok meets Kelpie

Big, bold and bling - and the statues in the background don’t look too shabby either. Just thought this was topical after seeing the TV prog on the Kelpies the other night. I managed to get a pre-opening close-up glimpse of the beasties when I inadvertently drove on to the site. The workies must have thought whoever was driving such a shiny pickup to match the shiny sculptures must have had something to do with it!

The Kelpies are each around 30 metres tall and weigh over 300 tonnes each. The Helix Park on the north side of Falkirk where the Kelpies sit astride the Forth/Clyde canal is now open to the public, so take the weans for a day out.

As for the pickup. This is Volkswagen’s top of the range, with extras, 178 bhp Amarok Canyon. Prices start at just under £20,000 for the base model 4x4 pickup, but this one is nearly double that with all the extras. Mind you, it’s so comfy and quiet, it will easily do the weekly commute and shopping run before turning into a weekend warrior able to tow up to 3.2 tonnes.

In fact the only downside was that Volkswagen wanted it back after the Road Test and photo shoot!

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