Saturday 31 May 2014

Rally - McKenna leads

A fickle old game this rallying lark, eh? Daniel McKenna snatched the lead of the BRC event on Westruther when Osian Pryce finished the Westruther test with splayed front wheels. Whether he hit something or suffered a bad landing I don't know, but the wee car was looking just a tad baggy kneed when it came in to service. He's now 6 seconds behind McKenna - with 3 stages to go! Callum Black is still third and Garry Pearson is holding station in fourth.

Top six:
1, D McKenna, 1h 37m 49.9
2, O Pryce, 1h 37m 55.7
3, C Black, 1h 42m 18,9
4, G Pearson, 1h 44m 04.4
5, C Beattie, 1h 46m 07.6
6, C Davies, 1h 46m 10.4

In the National event Steve Simpson continues to lead Damien Cole with the gap stretching by another couple of seconds to 29. "It's not Steve I'm worried about," said second placed Cole, "it's young Taylor, go and tell him to slow down!"

When asked if he could make the Fiesta go any faster, Peter Taylor replied: "I', trying as hard as I can," and then Dad turned up with a new set of tyres. Looks like he's going for it over the final three stages.

As for Simpson: "I've got nothing left, but I can't afford to lift off, Damian and Peter are still right there."

Barry Groundwater has dropped back, the Lancer sporting a new set of scars to the front and rear o/s corners: "We had a 200 yard moment this morning, then a big spin over a yump this afternoon," said Barry, "both on the driver's side!" Alistair Inglis is 8th with Donnie MacDonald 9th and Barry has dropped to 10th.

Top six:
1, S Simpson, 1h 12m 28.0
2, D Cole, 1h 12m 57.3
3, P Taylor, 1h 13m 01.8
4, N Simpson, 1h 13m 20.9
5, S Bowen, 1h 14m 26.1
6, J Stone, 1h 14m 38.8

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