Friday, 30 May 2014

Rally - Pryce leads BRC

Osian Pyce led the BRC part of the Jim Clark Rally after 4 stages On Friday night from Daniel McKenna, but by just 4 seconds. Callum Black was third and breaking the Citroen domination was the fourth placed Peugeot 208 of Garry Pearson. Sad to report though, John MacCrone is out. He was spotted fire extinguisher in had on the second stage after the engine failed in the Fiesta. Jonny Milner is out though, he thinks the Fiat has holed a piston.

Top six:
1, O Pryce, 22m 53.2
2, D McKenna, 22m 57.3
3, C Black, 23m 47.0
4, G Pearson, 24m 08.3
5, D Carney, 24m 39.6
6, C Beattie, 24m 51.0

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