Friday 23 May 2014

Road - Ferrari pickup

Why would anyone take an angle grinder and cutting gear to a 4.9 litre, V12 engined 1989 Ferrari 412? Simple, to turn it into a pick-up.

At least that is what has been done to one such beast for a new TV show called ‘Ultimate Wheels’. This new show will be on the History Channel on Thursdays at 9 pm.

The chap behind the idea is the owner of the London Motor Museum and London Supercar Workshop. He’s known as Elo and all he wants to do in life is mess about with motors and “transform great cars into Ultimate Wheels”.

Commenting on the Ferrari conversion, Elo said: “This is one of my favourite cars of the TV series – something truly unique, and even experienced Ferrari technicians like what we’ve done. The rest of the series sees us work on a VW camper, a Ford Mustang, a Group B rally-inspired Audi, a unique Bristol and many more amazing conversions.”

And we thought the Yanks were daft when it came to customising.

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