Thursday, 1 May 2014

Rally - Colway Tyres

Memories ... Here’s one for the old timers. I parked beside an old Land Rover that hadn’t moved for a while but the tyres were still inflated. And then I looked at the brand! Boy, did that bring back memories.

Once upon a time this was the budget rally tyre of choice. Ex privateer and works rally driver (in the70s and 80s) Fred Henderson was a regular sight at rallies with the Colway truck. Now he concentrates on his vehicle breakdown and recovery business and car sales.

He’s also written a book about his exploits in the recovery game, a sort of ‘All Creatures Great and Small’, but with mechanics and motor cars in place of vets and animals. If you fancy a light hearted read that’s not too taxing on the old napper, then it’s well worth dipping into at bedtime.

I fair enjoyed it.

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