Saturday 31 May 2014

Rally - Pryce increase

Osian Pyce Has managed to eke out a wee bit more of lead on Daniel McKenna after 13 stages, but that still only equates to a margin of less than 4 seconds. And Garry Pearson is still keeping Callum Black honest, the Peugeot just 1m 20 secs behind the third placed Citroen, and that's despite a loose grille and tattered front spoiler courtesy of a hard landing.

Top six:
1, O Pryce, 1h 22m 35.7
2, D McKenna, 1h 22m 39.2
3, C Black, 1h 26m 10.9
4, G Pearson, 1h 27m 30.2
5, C Beattie, 1h 29m 38.4
6, C Davis, 1h 29m 53.3

In the National event Steve Simpson continues to lead Damien Cole although the gap has eased out to 25 seconds after 13 stages. Peter Taylor has managed to take another second out of Cole after two stages to close the gap to 6 seconds. John Stone lost a place in those two: "The steering ia all over the place and the Launch Control's not working so we've lost shedloads of time."

The tarmac is warm, the sun is hot and the competition is scorching, what's not to like about this year's Jim Clark Rally?

Just don't ask Euan Thorburn. The oil light came on in the Focus and Andy Horne had to switch off his Focus in Edrom when it lost all power.

Apart from the mechanical failures, there has also been much flinging of cars into hedges, and apparently those big one tonne hay bales which mark the chicanes have a life of their own. You wouldn't believe the number of folk who said one jumped out on them. Hence the scars and black stripes down the flanks of many cars.

Top six:
1, S Simpson, 57m 42.0
2, D Cole, 58m 07.4
3, P Taylor, 58m 13.8
4, N Simpson, 58m 34.0
5, S Bowen, 59m 19.2
6, J Stone, 59m 26.4

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