Monday 1 July 2013

Rally - The aftermath

The mobile editorial office on duty!
There were a few items of 'hate mail' (in the nicest possible way of course) in the in-box this morning because I hadn't updated the Blog on Saturday from the rally. There was a simple reason for that. I didn't have time. That was because the 'Motorsport News' report had to come first, and that was my priority on Saturday.

On the Jim Clark Rally there were three of us reporting on the various modules, classes and timetables, but on Saturday there was only me, because there was just so much on elsewhere. Admittedly there weren't the same number of entries on the Scottish as the JCR, but even so, Saturday was a non-stop information gathering exercise. No sooner had one class or module arrived at service than the next one came along, and sometimes they overlapped. I didn't even have time for lunch, and that was simply criminal.

Sunday was spent collating the information and results ands writing up the various reports. Now you will have to be the judge on Wednesday of whether it was all worthwhile or not.

I barely had time to get any Tweets out, but I did manage a few. So, my apologies to all my regulars, hopefully normal service will be resumed at the next event!

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