Tuesday 23 July 2013

Rally - Man bags

The Italians have come up with a new style of 'man-bag', but this will suit the ladies too, especially those who co-drive. Carrying personal stuff and paperwork securely inside a rally car is always a concern so the Race Bag has been designed to address the issues of security with portability, but it can also be secured easily to the roll-cage cross-member across the front passenger door.

There are two bags, a Basic model priced at 38 Euros and a VIP model at 49 Euros. Both are the same size but the VIP model gets an extra large rear pocket to swallow an A4 Roadbook or laptop. Two velcro rings attach the bag to the cage and there are also two eyelets through which a plastic tie-wrap can be added for extra security.There is also a shoulder strap and it's made from hard-wearing and washable polyester.

Naturally, this being Italian, the pockets can accommodate all manner of necessities from mobile phones and wallets, to sunglasses and lip balm, and of course, fag packets and zippos!

Each Racing Fashion Bag is 32 mm by 22.5, and either 7mm or 10mm thick depending on basic or VIP spec.

If you want one, you'll need to buy direct. Amazon will be no good to you, but check out that it will do the job you want before forking out the cash. Now all we can do is sit back and wait to see who the first fashion victim (poser?) in Scotland will be.


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