Sunday 7 July 2013

Rally - Taylor extends lead

Peter Taylor still leads the Blasting Magic Turnbull Trophy, but by nearly 3 minutes now. With such a lead he's playing to the crowds. Lee Hastings could tell us. "At the split I thought the car in front was on fire, but as he turned into the left I could see it was Peter - all four wheels were spinning and smoking in full drift. I nearly went off laughing."

Alistair Inglis is now second and he has nearly a minute on Peter Gibson with 2 stages to go. Pete's normally pristine EVO6 is looking a bit second hand now though. "I bumped the rear end on a bale and it straightened me up. I didn't think anything of it, but it's destroyed the rear wing. Folk were asking me if I had hit a wall." But here's a scary tale. He's got a punched hole in the windscreen like something out of  'Die Hard' car chase with guns. "We hit a cone with a wooden stake holding an arrow, and the stake came over the bonnet and speared the windscreen."

Chris Singer has dropped back a wee bit to 4th and Paul Swift is up to fifth in the MkII. Hastings is sixth and Jim Sharp has dropped back to 8th with a puncture in that last test.

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