Wednesday 24 July 2013

Blethers - Women v Men

Has political correctness and sexism gone mad? Not that the following diatribe has a point, I just thought it worth a comment or two.

In the week when the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers at  Muirfield came under fire for their antiquated rules on membership comes news that the ‘2013 Women’s World Car of the Year’ is the Ford Fiesta 1 litre EcoBoost.

Two weeks ago William Hague got slated publicly for muttering ‘stupid woman’ under his breath.  Two weeks ago, nobody batted an eyelid when my wife called me a ‘stupid man’.

Anyway, I had a look. There are 18 members of the all-woman motoring journalist jury assessing the merits of the ‘Women’s World Car of the Year’, three each from the UK and the USA, two each from Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and one each from India, Argentina, China and Ireland.

When it comes to the non-gender specific ‘World Car of the Year’, the jury numbers 69 individuals (representing 22 countries/regions of the world), only 3 of whom are women. Their choice for 2013 was the Volkswagen Golf.

Makes you wonder who had the biggest bun fight. All those men having to moderate their language with three women present, or the women having a good old hand-bagging with no men present.

Do we really need a ‘Woman’s Car of the Year’ and a separate ‘Car of the year’? How about a Kid’s Car judged by Blue Peter viewers, and a Dog’s Car at Crufts with special windows that catch the slevvers and prevent them slopping on to the windscreens of following cars? Or the best looking car sitting on bricks, as judged by Weegies displaced by the Commonwealth Games kerfuffle?

Who was it who said, “all for one and one for all”? 

The three musketeers. And they were all men. You can’t win, eh?

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