Sunday 14 July 2013

Rally - Gardiner at Kames

Linzi in the Subaru
Alan Gardiner leads the Albar Trophy Rally at Kames and Michael Dckie leads the Junior event after 8 of the day's special stages. Alan is in his usual Mkl: "The tighter stages are suiting  the car so it's a good day so far."

Alan was jousting wtih Andrew Gallacher earlier on but the transfer box in Andrew's new EVO9 (collected last night!) broke on the startline of the fifth test so he's away home. Duncan Ferguson is second in the Mkll ahead of Gary Keenan in  his Manta. Kevin MacIver is fourth in his MkII with Richard Stewart fifth in the Corsa. Niall Thomson is sixth in the Saxo from Craig Callander in his Impreza, but in eighth place overall, and first time out in her faither's Impreza, is Linzi Henderson and loving every minute of it.

Michael Dickie leads the Juniors in his Aygo with the Micra of Harry Marchbank just 7 seconds behind in second place. Dylan O'Donnell is third in his Micra a further 9 sconds adrift with Ben Crealey fourth another 10 seconds behind in his Micra, so it is still pretty close amongst the youngsters. Early leader Alex Vassallo lost out when  the Citroen broke a driveshaft and he incurred a Maximum, but in such a short stage, that 3 minutesworth of penalty might not be too costly at the end of the day.

Alasdair Currie is fifth in his Saxo but lucky to be here after yesterday! He was testing at Crail with a certain John MacCrone Esq when he hit (Alasdair that is, not John) a super single tyre marker and broke a bottom track control arm which pitched the car up on two wheels. "I nearly scraped my elbow on the tar  outside the driver's window," said Alasdair, while MacCrone was of the opinion: "We're going over!" They didn't, but that was down to "superior driving skill," said Alasdair.

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