Saturday 20 July 2013

Show - at the SECC

If you're doing nowt else tomorrow and want to get out of the sun for a wee while, pop along to the Scottish Car Show at the SECC in Glasgow. Open from 10.00 am till 4.30 pm, the Show will have lots of cars and attractions to suit all tastes, including a display put on by the ARR Craib Scottish Rally Championship team.

The idea is to use this show to attract folks who like cars to perhaps consider taking up the sport of rallying. They will have a range of cars on display from a Junior 1000 machine to a club spec Subaru Impreza and everything in between. It might also be a place to attract new car club members, and who knows, we might get some marshals out of it.

There is an 'action arena' with some action and stunts during the day and Paul Swift will be making an appearance or two, defying the laws of gravity and physics as he demonstrates negotiating tight gaps on two wheels and parking in spaces that wouldn't accommodate a skinny bloke in speedos.

The SRC will participate in this too and have 'hired' the services of a commentator, so hecklers will be welcome.

Admission prices:
Adult (16+) £18
Concession £10
Child (11-16) £10
Child (0-10) FREE

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