Saturday 30 June 2012

Rally - Bogie wins - again

David Bogie and Kevin Rae carved another notch on their gearstick with another rally win and a maximum score in the Scottish Championship when they won today’s Scottish Rally in Dumfries.

But perhaps the drive of the day came from second placed Euan Thorburn and Paul Beaton who fought back from 9th place to grab the runner up position by 7 seconds from last year’s Scottish Rally winners Jock Armstrong and Kirsty Riddick.

Mike Faulkner managed to overtake Barry Groundwater for fourth place over the final 14 mile blast through Ae, but there was a sting in the tail.

Three crew members are in hospital tonight after accidents befell two cars. Rallying does take its safety seriously, but accidents will happen and it is hoped that all three crew members have been taken in for purely precautionary measures.

More news tomorrow ....

Top Ten:
1 David Bogie , Lancer, 42m 07.0ss
2 Euan Thorburn, Focus WRC, 42m 57.4s
3 Jock Armstrong, Impreza, 43m 04.8s
4 Mike Faulkner, Lancer, 43m 39.8s
5 Barry Groundwater, Lancer, 43m 49.1s
6 Donnie MacDonald, Lancer, 44m 33.5s
7 Bruce McCombie, Impreza, 45m 01.3s
8 Tristan Pye, Impreza, 45m 03.2s
9 Dougal Brown, Lancer, 45m 29.5s
10 John McClory, Impreza, 45m 32.5s

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