Wednesday 13 June 2012

Road - Carry on Camping

Volkswagen is pretty good at building niche models which become highly desirable and very popular. 

Take the California SE for instance, the fully equipped camper van built on the Transporter chassis. This is a premium priced product, but the big attraction is that it has been designed and built in the factory, not by some third party converter. That fact alone attracts many new people each year to the world of campervans and motor caravans.

Over the years the California has built up an almost cult following, but the folks at Volkswagen have come up with another winning idea, a cheaper ‘entry-level’ camper with less equipment.

The California Beach model still comes with pop-up roof, two double beds, integrated blinds and lighting plus portable table and two deckchairs, but lacks the cooking, freezing and washing facilities and wardrobe storage of the fully equipped California SE.
So whilst the SE is ideal for weekends away and longer holidays, the Beach is more suited to one or two overnights and picnics. It would therefore be ideal for rally followers and marshals, as well as fisherman, mountain climbers, surfers and other outdoor enthusiasts, but at a lot less cost than the SE.

Prices for the SE start at £43,580 going up to nearly fifty grand, but for the Beach model, a more affordable £34,980 is the price on the tag.

However, Volkswagen has come up with some other ideas with finance offers stretching over 10 years. That might seem a tad excessive, but that represents a much more affordable proposition than paying for static caravan sites, timeshare or just regular weekend breaks using B&Bs, guesthouses or hotels.

Now, where’s my anorak and woolly bunnet?

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