Sunday 24 June 2012

Rally - Taylor closing in

The weather is still playing cruel tricks on the Turnbull Trophy Rally survivors. Having made their tyre choice and pulled up to the start line of each stage, it changes.

Conditions were dry for stage 6 but as they lined up for stage 7, it started raining again.

Michael Glendinning still leads but Peter Taylor has closed the gap to just 3 seconds with two 13.2 mile tests to run, so all bets are off.

Colin Gemmell and Ross Fernie are only 10 seconds apart in their bid to finish top Scot and Stuart Walker has climbed back into the top ten after his earlier crop cutting exploits.

After his good showing at Crail last week, Chris McCallum was knocking on the door of the top ten till the 5th test when he stopped mid stage to investigate a serious ‘clunk’ after he had slid straight on at a muddy chicane. He got put to look round the car couldn’t find anything wrong so fired it up and carried on.

George Bryson (still holding 13th place) reckons it might just have been the rear axle locking up when Chris stalled it: “It’s happened to me before,” said George, “that’s the only reason I know.”
And Barry Lindsay is out, the wee Peug broke a driveshaft.

Leaders after SS6:
1 Michael Glendinning, Subaru, 1h 04m 22s
2 Peter Taylor. Renault Clio, 1h 04m 25s
3 Howard Chopping, Subaru, 1h 06m 15s
4 Lyndon Barton, Escort, 1h 06m 27s
5 Ian Woodhouse, Escort, 1h 06m 30s
6 Colin Gemmell, Subaru, 1h 06m 35s
7 Ross Fernie, Subaru, 1h 06m 45s
8 Pete Gibson, Mitsubishi, 1h 06m 46s
9 Michael Pickles, Subaru, 1h 08m 01s
10 Stuart Walker, Mitsubishi, 1h 08m 11s

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