Saturday 30 June 2012

Rally - It's still Bogie

He might be leading but he’s still trying. David Bogie continues to lead the Scottish Rally after four of the day’s six stages. “I had three half spins in Castle O’er,” said David, “that’s not like me. I’m trying to keep it fast but safe. It’s really quite slippy in places.”

Jock Armstrong is holding second place but coming under threat from the fast closing Euan Thorburn. “I’m trying too hard, and making mistakes” said Jock, “I came in too hot to the final hairpin in Castle O’er and slid wide.”

Euan Thorburn is another who reckons he’s trying too hard and making mistakes because of it, but at least the car is going better. The electrics behaved themselves in Twiglees and Castle O’er and he got a good run through both: “It wasn’t actually raining that time,” said Euan, “so whether that has something to do with it I don’t know. That’s the trouble with electrics, you don’t where to start fault finding.”

Bruce McCombie had a slow puncture in SS, “but it didnae slow me down much” and Steven Lockhart dropped out of the top ten when he spun in Twiglees and dropped off the road. Chris Collie is a bit subdued today: “There’s something wrong with second gear, it’s very difficult to go in,” said Chris, “so I’m trying not to use it.”

Top Ten after 4 of 6 stages:
1 David Bogie , Lancer, 28m 11.8s
2 Jock Armstrong, Impreza, 28m 50.9s
3 Euan Thorburn, Focus WRC, 29m 00.3s
4 Barry Groundwater, Lancer, 29m 18.4s
5 Mike Faulkner, Lancer, 29m 19.7s
6 Donnie MacDonald, Lancer, 29m 31.3s
7 Rory Young, Lancer, 29m 40.8s
8 Bruce McCombie, Impreza, 29m 58.2s
9 Tristan Pye, Impreza, 30m 14.2s
10 Dougal Brown, Lancer, 30m 24.6s

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