Saturday 16 June 2012

Rally - Morris leads Crail

Tom Morris leads the Summer Stages Rally at Crail after four of the day's six stages, but the pursuit is getting closer.

"The clutch is dragging," said Tom, "particularly on the upchanges and especially on that last stage. We've had a look at it during service and it should cool down enough to last the last two stages. Fingers crossed." He's also got a new gearbox in the Metro ahead of next weekend's Rally of the Midlands so this will be a good shakedown for the car.

Chris Collie is half a minute behind but he'll need to keep an eye on his rear view mirror as John Rintoul is only 7 seconds behind him while Alistair Inglis is only another 7 seconds behind in 4th place, but Rintoul was fitting a new bolt to the turbo mounting after SS4: "It was chuffing a bit but I think it's OK."

Dale Robertson is another 7 seconds behind but running out of tyres: "We cut a set of slicks into wets," said Dale, "and they were ripped to shreds in one stage!"

Top 2WD car at present is young Alistair Graham in an excellent 7th place overall in his MkII now that Bruce Edwards has put the Darrian on the trailer: "I've lost fuel pressure and don't know why," said Bruce, "a fuse in the wipers blew on that last run  and it must be something to do with that."

Tom Morris, Metro 6R4, 42m 48s
Chris Collie, Impreza, 43m 17s
John Rintoul, Lance, 43m 24s
Alistair Inglis, Lancer, 43m 31s
Dale Robertson, Lancer, 43m 38s
Bob Grant, Impreza, 44m 04s
Alistair Graham, Escort MkII, 45m 22s
Stuart Walker, Lancer, 45m 35s
Chris McCallum, Escort MkII, 46m 16s
Ross Fernie, Impreza, 46m 21s

There have been a couple of major delays during the day but it's cold, wet and thoroughly miserable in the north east neuk of Fife today.

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