Monday 14 November 2011

Rally - Tanak's the Man

Now I know he’s not Scottish and therefore of little interest to anyone reading this modest, humble, parochial little Blog-site, but for my money and on the basis that us Scots love a trier, the drive of the rally on last weekend’s Rally Wales GB came from the 23 year old Estonian driver, Ott Tanak.

On the basis that you need a distinctive name to succeed in rallying (think Juha Kankunen, Timo Makinen, Hannu Mikkola, and of course, Colin McRae) then he is already half way there.

Flippancy aside, it was his mastery of the Fiesta, the slippery conditions and the DMack Tyres that marked him out for me. Now I hope Dick Cormack will forgive me for criticising his tyres, but really, Dick can’t compete with the likes of Michelin. Or maybe he can. Tanak’s exuberant driving style used the lack of grip and lots of slip to his advantage.

If you get a chance over the coming days, have a look at Tanak’s in-car on the Motors TV rally repeats and on the YouTube clips. The guy is sensational. Long after you or I would have given up on a manoeuvre and hunkered down waiting for the impact, Tanak was still on full lock and full throttle. I l-o-v-e-d it.

Sixth overall in his Ford Fiesta on DMacks. This guy is a future world champion. By the way, his mentor is a certain Markko Martin and he rates him highly too.

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