Sunday 13 November 2011

Rally - Changes in Wales

There was a bit of jiggery pokery after lights-on, as opposed to lights-out, last night at the end of the Rally Wales GB National event with Nigel Griffiths being denied victory due to a 10 second time penalty. The margin between himself and rally winner Roger Duckworth was 2.2 seconds at the rally finish, hence its importance, but the penalty stood, and Roger Duckworth and Mark Broomfield were declared winners.

A wee bit further down the top ten there was another change when Wug Utting was demoted from 4th place to 9th, thus promoting Alistair and Colin Inglis to an excellent fourth overall on 1h 23m 10.1s and top Scottish crew.

Whether it had anything to do with rainwater in the watches or sunstroked timing officials, there were more changes with John Morrison and Peter Carstairs finishing 14th (as opposed to 11th) on 1h 25m 18.3s, Malloch Nicoll and Bob Lumgair promoted from 22nd to 19th on 1h 27m 24.9s and Carl and Rob Tuer moved up a place to 25th place on 1h 30m 33.2s.

So that’s alright then!

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