Friday 30 September 2011

Rally - Forum Sell-Out

Well, it would have been a sell-out had the tickets been on sale, but since they were free, it could be argued that to-night's all-star Rally Forum in Aberfeldy is not sold-out. Whatever, it will be packed. All 160 tickets have been snapped up, but if anyone thinks they can get in at the door or sneak in - no chance. The function room at the Moness Resort will be fu' tae the rafters with 160 folks inside.

However, there will be one empty seat in the front row. Apparently Coltness Car Club got an email from Erik Carlsson, who was in Glasgow last night, asking if he could pop along tonight to catch up with his old pal, Stig Blomqvist. So the club is keeping one seat free just in case Erik finds his way to Aberfeldy - he'll need a navigator!

Apart from frivolity and fun, the real purpose behind to-night's Forum is to raise funds for the Colin McRae Vision Charity, and there will be a wee auction after the Forum to sell some memorabilia. There are only a few 'lots' but they expect to be high-value titems. For instance, there is a wing off Jari-Matti Latvala's Focus (personally removed by Jari-Matti himself - at speed!) and it has been signed by quite a few famous names and there will be a McRae Rally programme from the 'Legends Return' event signed by all the big names who were there.

But if anyone wants to get up close and personal with the stars tomorrow, they could always catch up with them at the Rally Start in Aberfeldy Town Centre or in the Service Park on the far side of Wade's Bridge.

Full spectator info and maps are on the Coltness Car Club website - including some Google maps. Now how did we manage before all this new-fangled nonsense?

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