Monday 19 September 2011

Being Silly - A Very Mooo-ving Tale

I couldn’t resist this one. On leaving the Recycling and Waste Management Show I spotted this herd of cloned cowbins grazing contentedly on plastic grass outside the NEC. It did make me wonder though if the milk was delivered ready packaged in recycled containers. 

As an alternative to natural farming though, it’ll never catch on. Think about it. There would be no more steak and chips or steak and kidney pie, and no leather for racing boots or bucket seats.

There would be lots of udder things we’d have to do without too, like cheese, Utterly Butterly, and compost for the roses. Mind you it would mean the end of those scary Cravendale ads on TV where the cows want it back, and the Muller fruit corner cow that thinks it’s a horse! There’s a silver lining in every black (and white) cloud, eh?

What was that song again, by the Moooo-dy Blues - Isn't Life Strange? And my favourite, M People singing ‘Moooo-ving on Out’.

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